Eleven is an awesome new jailbreak tweak packed full of features for iOS 10, inspired by iOS 11.


Eleven will be avaliable as one whole package for $4.50 but also seperate packages with the following prices:

  1. Lockscreen Media Controls + Passcode Screen: $1.50
  2. Video Player : $1
  3. Dynamic Dock : $1
  4. Control Center : $2
  5. Widgets Revamp + Spotlight Update : $1
  6. Camera UI Revamp : $1
  7. Notification Center : $1

Price are subject to change.

Total Progress
Lockscreen Media Controls

iOS 11 inspired lockscreen media interface.

Estimated Release Date: 1st July
Video Player

Non-instrusive iOS 11 inspired video player.

Estimated Release Date: 1st July
Dynamic Dock

iOS 11 inspired iPad dock.

Control Center

iOS 11 inspired control center.

New Widgets UI

Easy access to siri, widgets, applications and spotlight search from anywhere.

Spotlight Improvements

Spotlight Search UI improvements.

Camera UI Improvements

Camera UI and functionality improvements.

iOS 11 Notification Center

iOS 11 inspired notification center.

iOS 11 Passcode Screen

iOS 11 inspired passcode screen.

Estimated Release Date: 1st July